About Us


100_0658BB frontBroadway Ballroom opened in the summer of 2005. Our focus is to offer a great experience to our customers at reasonable prices while remaining competitive.  The owners have 40 years’ experience in the catering industry, making us the most experienced caterers in town. Broadway Ballroom is connected to Fat Daddy’s Bar and Grill and Garden Center Lanes. The business in its entirety is a 3rd generation family run business. Garden Center Lanes was established in 1939 and was located on 5th and Hawthorne here in Alexandria, the business had the bar and bowling alley and held some banquets in the basement. When talking about expanding, the family thought it would be best to add on a banquet facility to adjust to the needs of the ever growing catering business they were running, the expanding community and the overall need for a banquet facility in the area.