Decorations and Equipment

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Tacks, push pins, tape, glitter and confetti are prohibited in the ballroom. Please consult your banquet coordinator on alternative items. Broadway Ballroom conveniently offers 7,200 square feet of meeting space and following decorations to assist in creating a beautiful setting.






Ceiling decoration with chiffon and lights $300.00
Chandelier(s)-2 choices $75.00
Individual tables with chiffon and lights $25.00
Black chair covers $6.00
Black floor length table cloths $3.00
Backdrop $100.00
Mirror plates (12x12) $1.00
8" Vases $1.00
3" Pillar candles $2.00
Colored paper napkins $0.10
Linen napkins with a square fold $0.50
Linen napkins with other fold $0.60
Projector charge per room (16x9 screen) $50.00
Portable Projector Screen $10.00
4'x8' Risers $15.00
Easel $5.00
Easel with flip chart $10.00
Microphone (Handheld or Lavalier) $25.00
42" Tall cocktail table $10.00