Upcoming Events

Customer Appreciation August 21st - 24th.  Bowling games - $2.50, rental shoes - $1, 2 tacos for $2, 16oz. fountain pop - $1.50, 16oz. domestic tap beer - $2.50, rail drinks - $2.50 FROM OPEN - CLOSE!!!  Also sign up to win great prizes including MN Vikings Tickets, a 32" TV, gift cards and much more!

Open Bowling
Garden Center has open bowling available 7 days a week.  Please call 320-763-6565 for lane availability and times.

2017 Summer League Pattern & Event Schedule
Week #1 May 17th
Pattern: South Point Bowling Center Pattern
Nightly Event: Singles - Best 3 of 4 games w/HDCP

Week #2 May 31st
Pattern: 2016 SunOpta Sweeper Pattern
Nightly Event: Doubles - Random draw for lanes and partner use all 4 games w/HDCP

Week #3 June 14th
Pattern: GC Year-End Pattern
Nightly Event: Pins over average - Each game add up amount of pins over average - No negative

Week #4 June 28th
Pattern: 2017 GC Tourney Pattern
Nightly Event: Team - Pick 3 other bowlers from that night to form 4 person team.  All 4 games w/HDCP used

Week #5 July 12th
Pattern: Kegel Pattern Chichen Itza
Nightly Event: Singles - Use all 4 games w/HDCP

Week #6 July 26th
Pattern: Central MN Sweeper Tour Pattern Mineralite
Nightly Event: Eliminator - Low 1/2 of alive scores from each game eliminated

Week #7 August 9th
Pattern: Amateur Bowlers Tour #3
Nightly Event: Doubles - Blind draw for partners after game 3 all 4 games w/HDCP used

Week #8 August 23rd - FINAL NIGHT
Pattern: Central MN Sweeper Tour Pattern Crown Jewel volume modified
Nightly Event: Doubles -Pick your partner from participants all 4 games w/HDCP used
Also Year-End Shootout for those that qualify