We offer a versatile space for groups from 20-500.  Being located in the heart of Alexandria and right off Broadway Street makes us easy to find!  We are conveniently located next to the Hampton Inn and Suites by Hilton with 80 guest suites, complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi and so much more! 

Broadway Ballroom Event Center provides the following with rental of the facility:

  • Bar and bartender (if needed)
  • Set up of tables and chairs
  • Table cloths in colors of white or black, with matching skirting
  • White paper napkins
  • Plates & Dessert Plates
  • Silverware & Glassware
  • When a meal is purchased, coffee is provided.
  • During day events coffee carafes will be placed at each table, for evening events a self service coffee station will be set up
  • Water carafes placed at every table

Audio / Visual Information

We have fluorescent and incandescent lights to adjust to the desired atmosphere for your event.

Our one level floor makes our facility easy to access for all guests. From the main entrance to the event center, everything is on the same level—no need to worry about your guests having to use stairs or elevators, we don’t have them.

Our space can separate into three sections or open up into one large section. Each section comes equipped with wireless microphones (lavalier or handheld options), house speakers throughout the room for ease of hearing no matter your location in the facility, and built in projector systems with 16’x9’ projector screens that drop down from the ceiling. Our projector system is retro-fitted to our facility for ease of use and view for all of your guests.

Guests do have to provide their own laptop computers to connect to the projector system.  Our projectors are setup for VGA compatibility, but we do have some adapters for HDMI ports and others for some Mac computers.  Rental fees for microphones and projectors can be found in the event packets above.

Broadway Ballroom #1—this is our center space and houses the dance floor.  Capacity is approximately 120 guests.

Broadway Ballroom #2—this space is located on the north side of the building and comes with windows.  Capacity is approximately 120 guests.

Broadway Ballroom #3—this space is on the south side of the building, houses the stationary bar and has the capability to section in half for smaller groups of 10-48. This section can seat approximately 104 guests.

Broadway Ballroom Full Facility—this is the combined sections of Ballrooms 1, 2 and 3. It can hold 250-500 guests.

The Broadway Ballroom can also be sectioned into 2/3 of the full facility for groups requiring more than one section but less than the full facility. Seating in 2/3 of the ballroom is from 120-250 guests.

Broadway Ballroom determines which event room and how much space is required based on provided information and other events taking place.

The actual number of guests each room can hold is dependent upon the room set up desired by the event contact. 

Seating Styles

Seating style options include but are not limited to:

photo 63 Classroom style: 3-4 guests per banquet table face the front of the room.  This set up style is great for meetings or training that would include a presenter or displays at the front of the room.
DSC03658 Board room/conference style: using banquet tables guests sit at a large square table facing each other. This style is great for open discussion meetings where there will be no presentation.
photo 103 U-shape: guests sit at a tables in a large U-shape facing the front of the room. This style is great for guests who want to be able to have an open discussion and watch a presentation.
BB_Home_Slide03 Rounds of 5 or 6 guests: this style set up allows your guests to face the front of the room, but allows more table space than classroom style tables provide.
bb-decor15 Rounds of 8 guests:  this is great for large events focused on dining and entertainment, or when you want your guests to mingle or work in groups on projects.

Our banquet tables are 5’, 6’ or 8’ long.  5’ and 6’ tables are used typically for display and presenter tables, registration tables, card tables, etc.

8’ tables are typically used for seating, dessert tables, larger presenter tables, etc.

Our round tables are 5’ in diameter and seat 8 people. They can also be used for dessert tables.

Policies & Payments


Payment of the final bill must be paid for by the day prior of the event.

For Wedding Receptions

Broadway Ballroom Event Center requires a $800 deposit at the time of booking to reserve the room and date, 6 months prior to the wedding Broadway Ballroom Event Center requires a second $800 deposit to continue holding the date; these deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation but will move with the date in the event the date needs to change. A bar and bartender will be provided at no additional charge for events serving alcohol, otherwise there will be a $25/hr charge.

For All Other Events

A signed contract is required upon reserving event space. Room rental fees may be applied to any event.

Attendance Guarantees

For Broadway Ballroom to ensure that your event is the best it can be, we must receive a final guest count 7 business days prior to your event. You will be charged for the guaranteed amount of guests or the actual amount served, whichever is greater.  In the event your guest attendance does exceed your guaranteed count, Broadway Ballroom Event Center will accommodate all of these guests; however, we may have to substitute menu items. All prices are subject to change, but will be guaranteed 90 days prior to your event. Final menu selection should be submitted 1 month prior to event when applicable.

Food & Beverage Regulations

The Minnesota State Liquor Board regulates the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. All beverages, alcoholic or nonalcoholic, that are served on the premises of Broadway Ballroom must be purchased from the Broadway Ballroom Event Center or Fat Daddy’s Bar and Grill; Broadway Ballroom’s alcoholic beverage license requires us to request proper valid identification of all persons of questionable age. Broadway Ballroom Event Center reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons underage, unable to show proper valid identification, and those who may appear to be intoxicated. Upon health and safety regulation policies, all food and beverages served on the premises must be prepared and served by the Broadway Ballroom Event Center; the only exception to this policy are certified bakery made cakes and party favors.  Food prepared by Broadway Ballroom is not allowed to leave the event center.  All federal, state, and local laws must be strictly adhered to with regards to food and beverage purchase and consumption.

Decorating/Set Up Guidelines & Damages Policy

The Broadway Ballroom Event Center does not permit affixing anything to the walls, ceilings, or floors with anything that may cause permanent damage, such as nails, staples, pins, and tape. 3M command strips are the permitted adhesive for decorating.  Confetti, silly string, and open standing candles are also not allowed.  Any damages occurring on or to the property as a result of event guests will be charged to the host responsible for the event contract and bill; you will be informed of any found damage within two business days of your event.  All decorating arrangements need to be made for 8am or later the day of the event.  There is no guarantee the Ballroom will be available the night before an event for decorating. All timing and set up arrangements will be discussed and cleared with the Event Coordinator prior to the day of the event.  All decorations brought in by guests must be torn down after the conclusion of the event. Broadway Ballroom Event Center is not responsible for any damages to or loss of articles left on the premises. 

Entertainment Guidelines

All entertainment must end by 12:30 a.m. A valid name and phone number of all booked entertainment must be submitted prior to your event. In the best interest of all of our guests, all noise must be kept to an acceptable level and will be enforced. Broadway Ballroom Event Center does not have equipment available for outside entertainment to use; entertainers must provide all their own equipment. Entertainers are not allowed to use any pyrotechnics or smoke/fog.